School Based physical & occupational therapy. Serving VT/NH

Helping Kids Succeed

Exceptional in person school services. Remote options also available.

Tele-therapy services, Short Term Assignments, and Emergency Services Also Available

Supporting students, school staff, and families to ensure that all kids are included in the school community and classroom.

Specialized PT/OT programming for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Occupational Therapy

Our pediatric OTs and OTAs are fantastic at developing strength and fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills. They are also experts in teaching handwriting. Children receiving OT will also work on motor control, social interaction, and self-regulation behaviors. With older students, they also work on functional ADLs (activities of daily living), such as dressing, feeding, and pre-vocational tasks.


Physical Therapy

We have a team of PTs and PTAs who are experts in pediatrics and working with kids in schools. We collaborate and work within the school team to advance gross motor skills, allow better access to their school, and individually treat their motor needs. The sessions are fun and engaging. This play-based therapy assists the kids in keeping up with their peers and accessing everything they need at school.

Quick and Easy Contracts:

We can provide a contract and collaborate to meet the school’s needs.