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Physical Therapy

Outpatient Physical Therapy and Wellness in Littleton, NH. Outpatient services serving the Bethlehem, Franconia, and Littleton areas.

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Specialty Services: Orthopedic.Neurological.Geriatrics.Pediatrics

HWB Physical Therapy

32 Main St, Suite 110, Littleton, N

Outpatient Services: (603) 991-5489


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Collaborative Approach

Our team works with teachers, case managers, special educators and school staff to ensure safe mobility and skills to help children succeed in the classroom.  We focus on teaching skills that allow children to access there educational environment in the least restrictive way

Therapy is fun for the kids

We pride ourselves on teaching therapy skills through play.  Allowing and assisting children to grow and develop, while having fun.

We help children succeed in school

Our goal is to work as a team to ensure that every child has the skills needed to be  independent and successful in the school environment.