Physical and Occupational Therapy in the Schools

Kids who qualify for school based services will receive services through an IEP and services will be provided at school.

Screens, Consults, and Evaluations

Along with providing services to kids with special needs, we also will provide PT and OT screens.  We also educate school staff on potential need for therapy services as well as ways to assist with fine and gross motor skills in the classroom.

Activities of focus for Physical Therapy Include:

  • Positioning and seating 
  • Stair Training
  • Transitional activities
  • Recess/Playground, 
  • Play and leisure activities
  • Bathroom Difficulties o 
  • Mealtime 
  • Transportation including on/off the bus
  • Maintaining and changing positions 
  • Recreational Movement 
  • Adaptive Equipment and Materials
  • Wheelchair, assistive devices 
  • Pre-Vocational Skills    

Activities of focus for OT services Include:

  • Working on handwriting and other fine motor skills such as cutting.
  • Working with the teacher to modify the classroom and/or adapt learning materials to facilitate successful participation.
  • Guidance with assistive technology
  • Self-help skills, organization, social skills, independent living skills, and sensory issues affecting education